Watch our video's about Central Bureau of Statistics Curaçao role, activities, surveys results and more.

Labour Force Survey 2017

How do Ministry of SOAW use the data of Labour Force Survey for their projects?

ICT & Media Survey 2017

Interview with the projectleader Mrs. Maurette Williams-Antersijn about the upcoming ICT & Mediasurvey 2017 (interview is in Papiamentu)


Results Participation Survey 2016

Interview with the projectleader Mrs. Nicole Wever about the results of the Participation Survey


Results Labour Force Survey 2016

Interview with the projectleader Mrs. Iralice Jansen at Telecuracao in Moru Bondia explaining the results of Labour Force Survey 2016

Opening Ceremony 41st Meeting SCCS 24 October 2016

An impression of the Opening Ceremony of the 41st Standing Committee of the Caribbean Statisticians that CBS Curaçao host between 24th and 28th of October at Renaissance Hotel and Resort

CBS Curacao TV-Spot

About CBS Curacao